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Our Concept


In the beginning there was tiredness, and the desire to be awake when we wanted to be. And the question, what can help us to achieve top mental and physical performance when time and options are limited. In short: how can we, quickly and easily, get energy when we need it? Energy in the true sense of the word: effect from within.

A source of energy that’s immediate  and that‘s always with me whenever and wherever I go.

A source of energy that works and tastes good- that gives me the freedom of flexibility of use to achieve the effects I want and that I can adapt to my own tastes and preferences.

A source of energy that’s safe and convenient to use.

After 2 years of development and testing we arrived at our goal: GoMo unites all of these attributes and we’re proud to have created a unique product.

GoMo connects these characteristics with a sustainable philosophy of creating the smallest possible carbon footprint regarding production, packaging, transport and storage.

But nothing is so good that it can’t be improved. That’s we’re always glad to hear about new ideas and suggestions that help us further develop the GoMo concept and our products.

Best Regards,
Your GoMo Team

GoMo Team Edwin Teufel

Edwin Teufel


Managing Director


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Holger Botsch


Managing Director


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Cornelia Jurzinsky


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Isabella Biermann


Social Media & Communications


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Timo Scherer


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Eric Weber

Eric Weber


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